New Website Features

Creative Click Media is thrilled to be partnering with the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce on an exciting new venture. Through collaboration we have created a new website with the hope that it will become the central hub not only for the business community but for everything Toms River. Our goal for this project is to create a comprehensive and informative website that is extremely user-friendly for not only for Chamber members but for the local community as well. Our new website will enhance your membership allowing you to register for events, make payments, and receive reminders all in one convenient location.  Additionally, an “Expert Tips and Advice” section has been added, where Chamber members can offer business information and advice in their field of expertise. Whether you are an accountant with tips for tax season or a lawyer offering advice on litigation, this new feature will be a valuable forum for professionals in our area to share some of their wisdom with the community. Best of all, this is completely free for members to contribute. Click here to learn how to contribute. Another exciting new feature is the community calendar. Greater Toms River area community members will now

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Are You a Good Negotiator?

To become an effective negotiator requires constant practice in “negotiation thinking”.  It is a daily discipline, not an ability that can be left dormant in normal times and tapped at will in an emergency.  Nor is there such a thing as a line of ready-made, packaged negotiation strategies waiting to be picked off the supermarket shelf. Negotiation is simply the logical extension of one’s usual communication process.  Done well, it derives from long-term philosophy, not short-term expediencies.  In a very real sense, it represents the expression of an attitude about one’s life. _____Paraphrased from The Mind of the Strategist (1982) by Kenichi Ohmae If you think about it, we use negotiation in various ways almost every day, from conflict resolution and dealing with customers or vendors, to attempting lower your cable bill or buying a house.  Just remember that basic principles of negotiation are the same and that even the most skilled and experienced negotiators will feel discomfort when negotiating.  The only difference is a skilled negotiator has learned to recognize, and suppress, the outward signs of these feelings. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are you worth?  What do you bring to the table?  Is

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Over the last several months, I have been secretly creating a wishlist of client-focused amenities I wanted to implement at our site, and fortunately for us, we have a member who was able to read my mind and design a site that achieved each and every one of those goals. It is with great excitement that we announce the release of our new website - brought to you in partnership with the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce and Creative Click Media. Some of the functions we wanted our new site to have include: online membership application and renewals (including renewal reminders, invoices, and an annual recurring payment option), customized member database with searchable online membership directory (alphabetical and by industry) complete with map pin and link back to the member’s website, event registration, payment, + reminders, live customer service support, a robust community calendar that allows you to add your own upcoming community events (they’ll be run by the office for approval), new, valuable sponsorship opportunities, newsfeed with member-provided content, #WeAreTR live feed, dedicated tourism resources for the greater Toms River area, and so much more! So check us out.  Peek around.  See how your business can benefit

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