Philanthropy and Your Business

Want to make more money, give more away! Philanthropy is part of who I am and I can tell you that there is no greater feeling, no greater satisfaction, than knowing you’re making a difference. But giving back to your community is also good for your business. While giving back should not come with the expectations of a return, it is however the collateral affects, such as acquiring customers who embrace your cause, which you cannot control. Philanthropy helps build relationships with clients and potential clients. It helps build and support your brand and it promotes employee engagement. And, let’s face it: good corporate citizens want to do business with others who share their values of giving back to the community. says: “Think of the NFL and the United Way”. The NFL has done a great job associating itself and the players with a charitable organization that does good work for communities throughout the country. It makes you feel good when you see a player giving back to his community. In other words, the act of giving back evokes emotions and fosters connections with people of like minds. So how does giving back help your bottom line? A Harvard