Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  by Andrew Greenberg, LAc. MSAc All machines, all systems—unless energy is added—eventually wear down and fall apart, whether it’s your car, your cell phone, your toaster, the company you work for, or you. Unless energy is added, chaos takes over.  Acupuncture, is the source of energy to your body.  I actually am offering you, the patient, a gift.  The gift of life's energy, the gift of feeling better, the gift of reducing your pain, the gift of healing. Acupuncture, or more generally, Chinese Medicine, is based on a simple principle, "Illness cannot live where there is good Qi".  Qi, according to ancient Chinese, is the energy that sustains us all.  Good Qi comes and occupies the body, thus protecting the body from illness moving in.  Chinese Medicine makes room for the Qi to move in.  The core of Chinese Medicine is when there is flow you have health, if no flow, you have pain and illness. Acupuncture has become as commonplace in Boston as in Beijing.  People assume that current Western medicine has a unique handle on the Truth and that all else is superstition.  But many other people are looking for alternatives to the pill pushing Dr's of America.