Member Benefits

Chamber member partner - The BoardRoom will be extending their free trial offer for 2 months. The BoardRoom currently has business related webinars available - find additional information here. Don't forget to utilize the Hootboard to post information regarding your business!

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Member Updates

UPDATED - SkyZone of Lakewood - OPEN FOR BUSINESS! AAA Mid-Atlantic Region - Special Offer First Responders - Please click here. Townsquare Media - Special Offer - Please click here. JBJ Soul Kitchen: The Toms River JBJ Soul Kitchen is a resource now and will be in the days and months ahead. Tuesday through Saturday they are offering daily hot meals to go for our in-need community. The B.E.A.T Center  JBJ Soul Kitchen Toms River 1769 Hooper Avenue Hours of Operation during Covid-19 Crisis Tuesday, Friday, Saturday:  4:30-5:30 Wednesday and Thursday: 11:30-12:30 Please share this with your community groups and organization members as a means of letting people know that there are additional food sources for school children and their families, seniors, students and anyone that is feeling the economic impacts from the recent changes to income. Our chefs are preparing fresh food daily with a selection of hot meals based on what is healthy and available through our suppliers. JBJ Soul Kitchen staff are available to take orders for the number of meals requested. If there is any group or organization that is having difficulty feeding their members, please contact me at to discuss how we can assist

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Local Information

Board of Social Services is closed; see their website on information as to how to complete applications while they remain closed to the public The Department of Human Services at the state level has issued some guidance in how they plan to continue to serve those most in need in the community. Please see the link below for information on SNAP, GA, EA housing assistance, child care, senior assistance, and more

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GTRCC Restaurant Members – Providing Take Out/Delivery/Pick-Up

Here is a list of GTRCC restaurants that are providing take out/delivery/pick-up! Ihop - Route 37 + Hooper Avenue - 732-349-4555 Four Seasons - We Will Be Open From 9:00 am till 7:00 for takeout, catering, delivery - 732-270-8778 Royal Grill 37 - Royal Grill 37, 732-505-9696, 10am-8pm Daily, Pick up, Curbside delivery and home Delivery thru Royal Grill 37 app.Home Delivery thru DoorDash. Easy to freeze, easy to Reheat containers Available. Facebook: Royal Grill 37 Bahama Breeze - Bahama Breeze is open 11am-9pm and is offering Curbside to go. We encourage guests to order and prepay online at to speed up the process. - 732-736-7012 Office Lounge - Take out, curbside pick up, delivery with in 5 miles, and they can DoorDash from 11:30-7:30. 732-349-0800 David’s Culinary Delights - Pick up or delivery - Packages - ½ tray chicken for $35, full tray for $65, Vegetables for $20 and starch for $15, ½ tray of cheese lasagna for $30, full tray for $50 - 609-402-628 Capone’s Pizza & Pasta -  Open daily until further notice 10am-8pm pick up and delivery only - 732-473-1777 Bubbakoo's Burritos - All locations in Toms River open 11am-8pm for pick up, delivery, take-out - 732-270-5406 Friday’s

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GTRCC response to COVID-19 from the Chairman and CEO

Dear Chamber Members,  We are living in unprecedented times and they are going to get worse, in the next couple of weeks, before they get better. We, as entrepreneurs and small business owners, will take the blunt of these hard times as orders get cancelled and supply chains dry up. The good news is that we are a resilient group. We here along the Jersey Shore have gone through tough times before. Just 8 years ago we faced the enormous destruction brought on by Sandy and four years before that we experienced the collapse of the stock market and the recession. Make no mistake; we will conquer COVID-19 but we must do it together. Remember that COVID-19 crises will not last forever. Within these crises may be opportunities for you and your business. Be on the lookout for ways that your business can pivot, form a strategic partnership or add new services.   The Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce has had one mission and that is to connect the local businesses, individuals and nonprofits together. We have encouraged doing business with each other and that encouragement has never been more important than right now. If at all possible, do business

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SERVICE DEPARTMENT PHILANTHROPY AND YOUR BUSINESS Want to make more money? Give more away! There’s no greater satisfaction than making a difference, and giving back can be good for your business. While it isn’t something we should do with the expectation of a return, giving back has collateral effects that are hard to ignore, such as attracting customers who share our cause. Philanthropy creates relationships with our present and potential clients, builds our brand, and promotes employee engagement. And, let’s face it, other good corporate citizens want to do business with those who share their values. How does giving back help your bottom line? A Harvard study of 30,000 American families found that a family that gives $100 more to charity earns about $375 more than a non-giving family that is similar in all other respects. Entrepreneurs tend to be more generous than other business leaders. On average, entrepreneurs give 2.53 percent of their gross profits, versus 1.27 percent for everyone else. And entrepreneurs give more in every income bracket, according to a study of IRS data by the Center for Data Analysis and the Heritage Foundation. Now, let’s talk about how philanthropy can make a difference for your business. PHILANTHROPY

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