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Google Grants – Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit

When your work for a nonprofit, you are always looking for free services your organization can take utilize to continue raising awareness and gain supporters for your cause. While many corporations offer services, software and other application to shows support for various nonprofits, Google AdWords may be the most valuable. If your nonprofit isn’t already taking advantage of this service, it’s time to start benefiting from a free AdWords campaign. What Are Google Grants? Simply put, Google Grants offer free in-kind AdWords advertising services to 501(c)(3) nonprofits, up to $10,000 USD worth per month. The AdWords platform offers a streamlined way to get your organization’s story and mission in front of your target audience, increasing visibility, supporters, and donations. AdWords could be a huge boost for your nonprofit. Google has placed a few restrictions on the types of ads created with the free version of AdWords: -Ads must be text-based only, no videos or images -Ads appear only on Google’s search engine results pages -All campaigns must be keyword-targeted - $2.00 USD is your max cost-per-click (CPC) What are AdWords and Why Does Your Nonprofit Need It? Not sure what Google AdWords is? It is a valuable tool that allows

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New Website Features

Creative Click Media is thrilled to be partnering with the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce on an exciting new venture. Through collaboration we have created a new website with the hope that it will become the central hub not only for the business community but for everything Toms River. Our goal for this project is to create a comprehensive and informative website that is extremely user-friendly for not only for Chamber members but for the local community as well. Our new website will enhance your membership allowing you to register for events, make payments, and receive reminders all in one convenient location.  Additionally, an “Expert Tips and Advice” section has been added, where Chamber members can offer business information and advice in their field of expertise. Whether you are an accountant with tips for tax season or a lawyer offering advice on litigation, this new feature will be a valuable forum for professionals in our area to share some of their wisdom with the community. Best of all, this is completely free for members to contribute. Click here to learn how to contribute. Another exciting new feature is the community calendar. Greater Toms River area community members will now

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