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Ocean Mental Health Services/OceanCares Foundation

  Ocean Mental Health Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, mental health agency, established in 1959, serving all of Ocean County, NJ.  In 2015 we received the WAVE award as the’ Non-Profit Business of the Year’ by the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce.  With 34 programs and 14 various locations throughout Ocean County, Ocean Mental Health Services, Inc. provided 1.1 million service encounters, 50,685 meals to consumers, and served 8,862 adults, children and families with mental illness in fiscal year 2016.   The Ocean Mental Health Services' mission is to offer a comprehensive continuum of mental health services that promotes full participation in community life.  We live this mission every day as we address the mental health needs of the residents of Ocean County.  Our wide variety of services provides assistance to people throughout the mental healthcare continuum.  We provide the support and guidance needed as people dedicate themselves to mental health wellness and recovery.  We believe together we can build a better tomorrow. Our vision is that citizens of Ocean County understand mental health is essential to overall health, services are consumer driven, and everyone receives excellent mental health services. Oftentimes when people think of health they consider

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Ocean County College Foundation

Ocean County College Foundation College Drive, PO Box 2001 Toms River, NJ 08754-2001 (732) 255-0492 go.ocean.edu/foundation Incorporated in 1965, the Ocean County College Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and development of the College through scholarships, endowments, and capital and special projects.  The Foundation works in partnership with the College to further its efforts to make higher education accessible to all Ocean County residents, to enhance the academic environment, and to continue to provide enrichment programs which have established Ocean County College as a cultural, recreational, and learning center in Ocean County. Since its inception, scholarships have been the main focus for the Foundation.  Each year, the costs of college tuition, books, supplies, and general expenses are increasing across the United States.  Despite Ocean County College’s best effort to contain costs, many students still have a tremendous need for financial assistance.  It is the Foundation’s goal to help ensure bright futures not only for OCC students but for Ocean County, as well.  In that spirit, the Foundation has raised and distributed millions of dollars in scholarship support in the last fifty years.  Last year alone, it distributed over $500,000 to support deserving Ocean County College students.  Ocean

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Airbnb Information

Toms River Council OKs Limits On Short-Term Rentals, Says Ordinance Needs Adjustments - March 29, 2017 Toms River puts limits on Airbnb - March 28, 2017 Airbnb-Style Rentals Back On Toms River Council Agenda - March 28, 2017 How should Toms River regulate Airbnb? - March 21, 2017 Toms River Council Delays Vote On Short-Term Rental Ordinance - March 15, 2017

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The 80th Annual Walk to Washington & Congressional Dinner

After a several-year hiatus, the GTRCC was back in-action during The 80th Annual Walk to Washington & Congressional Dinner. While we didn’t ride (aka “walk”) the train, several members of the Ocean County Commerce Coalition (affectionately known as the OC3) piled into the car at 9pm on Wednesday night.  In all honesty, I was nestled in the backseat surrounded by my blanket and neckpillow because 9pm is past my bedtime. If you’re asking why we didn’t take the train, it was because we scheduled several meetings in DC early the next day and the train would have prevented us from taking those meetings. Jeremy, Lori, and I started our day at Senator Menendez’s office where we shared about the work we are doing in Ocean County.  We also discussed our willingness to support the Senator’s pro-business initiatives in any way possible.  His representative was appreciative of our efforts and we look forward to collaborating with Senator Menendez’s team in the months to come. After our Senate building visit, we made our way (via a very, very, very strange cab ride that I think we all feel fortunate that we lived to tell about) to the United States Chamber office for

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Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey

Is there anything more challenging, both physically and emotionally then caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia?  The mission of the CVCJ Alzheimer’s Respite Care Program (ARCP) is to ease the burden and enhance the quality of life for the family member struggling with this overwhelming journey. This is accomplished through a program of training and matching volunteers with families in need. Our Volunteers provide weekly visits up to 3 hour. This time is spent engaging the individual with dementia so that the family member can have some time for themselves. This time also enables them to provide relief to the caregiver in the form of socialization, education, resources and emotional support. A recent match brought us to Charlie and Louise (who is calls his Angel) have been married over 50 years. Louise is in the later stage of Alzheimer’s disease and is now confined to a bed. Charlie is dedicated to her and is determined to never leave her alone for a minute.  Having our volunteer, Mary, spend time with Louise means that Charlie can make plans to visit with some of his buddies once a week and enjoy some time away from

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