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Why Collaboration is so Important

by: Kelly Fliller I recently had the opportunity of being in a room with nearly 40 leaders from all different industries and organizations, coming together to discuss ways in which we can make our community the healthiest in the state.  Businesses, non-profits, community organizations, police, township officials, school district administrators and health organizations were all represented.  Some of these people could even be considered competitors but as I watched the discussions unfold, I noticed a common theme – everyone was willing to help each other.  When one wins, we all win when it comes to making our community a better place. Groups that could possibly fight each other for a piece of the pie were talking about how they could work together to make a bigger impact.  It seemed that everyone put aside their own personal gain in order to benefit the community where they work and live.  This is collaboration. There are so many benefits of working together.  We are used to working with people inside our own organization.  When we work with people outside of our workplace, that is when the magic happens.  Here are a few of the many benefits of collaboration. 1. Creative brainstorming How many times

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