Things to Consider Before Signing Up for 0% Financing at the Car Dealership

0% financing is something you’ve probably heard or maybe have even done before, however - before you sign on the dotted line, here are some important things to consider. What is really your best deal? Undoubtedly you’ve heard about 0% financing offers that many auto dealers often promote. Although they seem to be incredible deals, and are certainly tempting - you should read the fine print and know the facts before you head to your local car dealership. To help you decide if 0% (aka: a low “teaser” rate) is the best deal for you, here are a few facts and restrictions you may encounter: Almost perfect credit may be needed in order to qualify for this offer. You may be required to give up a manufacturer’s rebate. It could mean shorter terms and larger monthly payments. It is usually offered on a limited number of models. You may be limited to dealer stock and not be able to choose the exact vehicle you are interested in. Research, research, research! By using First Financial’s free financial calculators located under the Resources tab at, you will be better equipped when you finally make that trip to the dealership. You may