Sometimes It’s Good to be Small

SOMETIMES IT’S GOOD TO BE SMALL                 By Ralph E. Wolff, Jersey Coast Appliance Proud to be a GTRCC member. Whether you are a one person shop working out of your home or large enough to have a brick and mortar location, it is sometimes good to be small. Small as you know is a subjective word and your definition may differ from Webster’s.  Webster defines small as “having comparatively little size.” Or minor in influence, power or rank”.  Some feel that small is a disadvantage when it comes to influence but it might just be what we need to survive. A small business is personal.  Many customers are starving for businesses that allow them to connect to something beyond the products and services they offer.  A small business has a story to tell and one that most customers can relate to.  Everyone loves a story and especially one that is honest and heartfelt.  How did you start your business?  I’ll bet that many can say that their dad or mom or someone in the family taught them the ropes and then they took over from there.  What a wonderful story, a family tradition.  It’s something to be proud of.  A

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Why Collaboration is so Important

by: Kelly Fliller I recently had the opportunity of being in a room with nearly 40 leaders from all different industries and organizations, coming together to discuss ways in which we can make our community the healthiest in the state.  Businesses, non-profits, community organizations, police, township officials, school district administrators and health organizations were all represented.  Some of these people could even be considered competitors but as I watched the discussions unfold, I noticed a common theme – everyone was willing to help each other.  When one wins, we all win when it comes to making our community a better place. Groups that could possibly fight each other for a piece of the pie were talking about how they could work together to make a bigger impact.  It seemed that everyone put aside their own personal gain in order to benefit the community where they work and live.  This is collaboration. There are so many benefits of working together.  We are used to working with people inside our own organization.  When we work with people outside of our workplace, that is when the magic happens.  Here are a few of the many benefits of collaboration. 1. Creative brainstorming How many times

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Philanthropy and Your Business

Want to make more money, give more away! Philanthropy is part of who I am and I can tell you that there is no greater feeling, no greater satisfaction, than knowing you’re making a difference. But giving back to your community is also good for your business. While giving back should not come with the expectations of a return, it is however the collateral affects, such as acquiring customers who embrace your cause, which you cannot control. Philanthropy helps build relationships with clients and potential clients. It helps build and support your brand and it promotes employee engagement. And, let’s face it: good corporate citizens want to do business with others who share their values of giving back to the community. says: “Think of the NFL and the United Way”. The NFL has done a great job associating itself and the players with a charitable organization that does good work for communities throughout the country. It makes you feel good when you see a player giving back to his community. In other words, the act of giving back evokes emotions and fosters connections with people of like minds. So how does giving back help your bottom line? A Harvard

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Things to Consider Before Signing Up for 0% Financing at the Car Dealership

0% financing is something you’ve probably heard or maybe have even done before, however - before you sign on the dotted line, here are some important things to consider. What is really your best deal? Undoubtedly you’ve heard about 0% financing offers that many auto dealers often promote. Although they seem to be incredible deals, and are certainly tempting - you should read the fine print and know the facts before you head to your local car dealership. To help you decide if 0% (aka: a low “teaser” rate) is the best deal for you, here are a few facts and restrictions you may encounter: Almost perfect credit may be needed in order to qualify for this offer. You may be required to give up a manufacturer’s rebate. It could mean shorter terms and larger monthly payments. It is usually offered on a limited number of models. You may be limited to dealer stock and not be able to choose the exact vehicle you are interested in. Research, research, research! By using First Financial’s free financial calculators located under the Resources tab at, you will be better equipped when you finally make that trip to the dealership. You may

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The Importance of Raising Up Our Leaders

I am sure that you have heard that our Nine + Dine/Scholarship Dinner is fast-approaching!  June 13th is just around the corner (believe it or not)! After we spend a couple of hours enjoying the splendor of the Toms River Country Club that afternoon, we will be honoring two very deserving students from our Chamber family with scholarships to aid in the continuation of their educations. These two young women stood-out among nearly two dozen applicants for this year’s Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce Scholarships. Sarah comes to us via her father’s company, the Ocean County Vocational Technical School and is a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire where she is studying Environmental Engineering.  She is an athlete, volunteer, and mentor.  She has been named to the Dean’s List every semester since starting at UNH.   Margit, who comes to us via her mother’s company, the Toms River Regional School System, earned her way into the high honor roll every marking period of her high school career.  She is an athlete, a musician, a volunteer, and an employee.   {I have so much to share about these two students, but you’ll have to join us on June 13th

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Want an empty inbox? Try this.

You may already know that I am one of those people in a daily battle when it comes to paper.  For the sake of argument, it’s fair to assume that “paper” = all things cut from trees + sent via email.   While I am proactive – I am on do-not-mail lists, I unsubscribe from countless solicitation emails, my shredder has a front-row seat in my home office and and-from-home office – more paper comes in than I know what to do with. In 2014, I took a morning to get all of my inboxes to zero (now, it's something that I do at least once a week).  I actually took a screenshot of it because my feathers were so fluffed.     Can you relate? In my experience with fellow members of group programs, clients, and even friends, I know that I’m not alone. A colleague in an online program I took a couple of years ago told our group that she had 40k emails in her inbox {I felt stress that I had 40 in my personal iCloud account – 40k is out of my scope}.   She said that she didn’t know how to tackle them and

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Google Grants – Free Advertising for Your Nonprofit

When your work for a nonprofit, you are always looking for free services your organization can take utilize to continue raising awareness and gain supporters for your cause. While many corporations offer services, software and other application to shows support for various nonprofits, Google AdWords may be the most valuable. If your nonprofit isn’t already taking advantage of this service, it’s time to start benefiting from a free AdWords campaign. What Are Google Grants? Simply put, Google Grants offer free in-kind AdWords advertising services to 501(c)(3) nonprofits, up to $10,000 USD worth per month. The AdWords platform offers a streamlined way to get your organization’s story and mission in front of your target audience, increasing visibility, supporters, and donations. AdWords could be a huge boost for your nonprofit. Google has placed a few restrictions on the types of ads created with the free version of AdWords: -Ads must be text-based only, no videos or images -Ads appear only on Google’s search engine results pages -All campaigns must be keyword-targeted - $2.00 USD is your max cost-per-click (CPC) What are AdWords and Why Does Your Nonprofit Need It? Not sure what Google AdWords is? It is a valuable tool that allows

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The Art of Delegating

Delegating is an overlooked, yet essential skill to master. Its purpose is to enable you to dispose of simpler tasks to free you up to perform tasks that are of greater value to your business. The truth is you probably can do most tasks better and faster than your employees. Delegate it anyway. The better your team does under your leadership, the more successful your business will be. Understand that there is a difference between assigning a task and delegating one.  If there are multiple directives, required check-ins and a significant amount of supervision time, you have merely assigned the task.  This method will cause you to become a choke point and slow down the work process. Remember, people rise or fall to the level of expectation.  Delegate tasks and hold people accountable. Use the four-step delegation process outlined below. THINK IT THROUGH. Clearly define your goals and objectives, assign the tasks and assess progress to ensure you get the end result you want. ASSEMBLE THE TEAM Identify the person(s) who can get the job done. Be sure that they: have the ability to perform the task; understand the project’s overall objective; can complete the task in the allotted timeframe;

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How to Market Your Business Online

At SocialTrend Internet Solutions, we love to empower our clients to improve their business thru online marketing. Our goal with this article is to provide ideas for any small business owner to get started or expand their online marketing footprint. We hope to educate, inspire and support you in achieving your business goals thru online marketing. We will discuss best practices for your business website, social media tips, how to incorporate blogging into your web presence and the importance of consistency and search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s get started! First, your business must have its own website. This is so critically important – without your own dedicated domain name customers can’t find you or will deduce you are not a legitimate company. According to the Digital Influence Index, 89% of consumers today use the internet as a research tool before making a purchase. Without a website you are missing out on all those new leads! If you have an outdated or poorly built website, make this upgrade a priority. Having a hard to navigate, messy website can be worse than not having one at all if you portray an un-professional brand when new clients visit your site.  Whether you are

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