Everything You Wanted to Know About Lighting & Didn’t Know Who to Ask

Did you ever wonder how much money  you would  save with the new type  LED  light bulbs ? Do you ever say – you don’t like them because of their color ? Did you ever try a compact fluorescent bulb but threw it away ?  Do you think you need to call the hazmat squad if you break a bulb ?  Did you ever wonder why you like certain restaurants and places more than others ?  What effect does Light have on human health ? Do you chose light fixture for the appearance & discover you can’t see well ? Well, look no further …. Here are answers to your most asked questions about lighting – every type lighting for every one of your locations. For over 40 years I have worked in the Commercial Lighting industry and have experienced the R-Evolution of the “Light Bulb”.   Regardless of the fixture type  -  the bulb is the source of the illumination, which is why the more you understand about the bulb you choose the more you will be able to design the exact right lighting you want and need for all your uses. First , to look at your lighting needs

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Are You a Good Negotiator?

To become an effective negotiator requires constant practice in “negotiation thinking”.  It is a daily discipline, not an ability that can be left dormant in normal times and tapped at will in an emergency.  Nor is there such a thing as a line of ready-made, packaged negotiation strategies waiting to be picked off the supermarket shelf. Negotiation is simply the logical extension of one’s usual communication process.  Done well, it derives from long-term philosophy, not short-term expediencies.  In a very real sense, it represents the expression of an attitude about one’s life. _____Paraphrased from The Mind of the Strategist (1982) by Kenichi Ohmae If you think about it, we use negotiation in various ways almost every day, from conflict resolution and dealing with customers or vendors, to attempting lower your cable bill or buying a house.  Just remember that basic principles of negotiation are the same and that even the most skilled and experienced negotiators will feel discomfort when negotiating.  The only difference is a skilled negotiator has learned to recognize, and suppress, the outward signs of these feelings. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are you worth?  What do you bring to the table?  Is

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