Everything You Wanted to Know About Lighting & Didn’t Know Who to Ask

Did you ever wonder how much money  you would  save with the new type  LED  light bulbs ?

Do you ever say – you don’t like them because of their color ? Did you ever try a compact fluorescent bulb but threw it away ?  Do you think you need to call the hazmat squad if you break a bulb ?  Did you ever wonder why you like certain restaurants and places more than others ?  What effect does Light have on human health ? Do you chose light fixture for the appearance & discover you can’t see well ?

Well, look no further …. Here are answers to your most asked questions about lighting – every type lighting for every one of your locations.

For over 40 years I have worked in the Commercial Lighting industry and have experienced the R-Evolution of the “Light Bulb”.   Regardless of the fixture type  –  the bulb is the source of the illumination, which is why the more you understand about the bulb you choose the more you will be able to design the exact right lighting you want and need for all your uses.

First , to look at your lighting needs from an economical aspect – Light up your tasks – meaning for your seeing areas – reading, counter work, work areas, place light fixtures – weathers a portable ( cord & plug ) or hard wired fixture where these tasks are to be done,  instead of a fixture in the center of the ceiling to light the entire room or entire space.  By focusing light more toward your task area you will be able to have excellent light levels, be able to see what you’re doing without shadows, and use less wattage.  

Important information about Light & Health is finally trickling out to the general public after years of research at Jefferson Medical by Dr. George Brainard and also from Rensselaer from Dr. Marianna Figueroa, PhD.  Their studies has shown color of the bulbs create impact on the human body.  Blue spectrum bulbs – called 5000 Kelvin temperature and  “cool white” create  action / awake  reaction in the brain – whereby warm color – 2700 kelvin and pink bulbs  help create  relaxation and allow the body to prepare for rest and sleep and allow normal circadian rhythm activity in the body.  Sleeping with white light or bluish light into your room is not at all beneficial.  

Also, for anyone have issues seeing – for any reason, light bulbs in the bluer spectrum – 5000 kelvin or even 6500 (not as common to find)  can help with seeability.   It is because the bluer color is more easily “used” by the eye – so to speak. Using a task light with a 5000 or 6500 kelvin bulb, can help anyone see better for tasks or reading.   

LED lighting is perfected now. and are now excellent to use in all your locations.  I always say –“Proven technology – not new technology”.   With that said – here’s what you need to know. For an A shaped bulb – make sure they are as similar in look as a regular incandescent – if too much material at base of bulb and you will not get full light output. Using LED in recessed hi-hat ceiling fixtures – get floods – that throw light where you need it & does not waste light by filling up the can with light – light needs to be focused out & down.

Undercabinet LED strips are great.  Never use halogen or xenon “pucks” as they are hot and very wasteful. Plus they add heat into kitchens!  I happen to have a small 4 watt LED bulb in my refrigerator, LED’s do very well in cold temperatures.

Using LED in your track lighting, especially now that LED MR16 bulbs have been perfected. Weather flood, spot or narrow spot there are a couple things to pay attention to. Halogen MR16’s are usually 50 watt, LED are 7 watts. If you track system is older and you dim, LED bulb may flicker. This is because the 7 watt bulb is not drawing enough power and you would be best served to switch your track for new electronic low voltage with a compatible dimmer.

Lighting controls are the next “big thing”.  By using efficient LED bulbs and LED lighting fixtures, and allowing lights to go on when you enter rooms or areas, is the most cost effective way to use your lighting, weather residential or commercial spaces – why pay for wasting  energy?

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