Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in the effort to advance the Greater Toms River business community through the guest blog found on our website,  Please take a few minutes to review this brief document. It will give you a better understanding of what we are looking for and what is required from you to make this happen.

As the area’s leading business organization our audience consists of businesses and business people that span virtually every facet of the Greater Toms River business community.

We are however a member-based organization that exists to help our members succeed, and as such, only submissions from individuals at member companies will be considered.

Quality Requirements

We are looking for top notch subject matter.  We invite experts to share their insight beyond general knowledge and discuss issues that are currently relevant.

Posts should focus on fresh new topics as opposed to something that has been covered many times over. The goal of these posts is to provide thought leadership and value to our readers. An effective guest blog post should inform our readers on information that will affect their long-term strategy. It should inspire our readers want to stop what they are doing and spend the day applying what they have learned to their website or business.

The perfect guest post is not about your business, your products, or your services but a valuable source of information. Any advertisements or information about your business and related items should be reserved for the author bio. Occasional mentions or examples are okay to illustrate a point, but the majority of the post should be focused on something other than your business. For example, if you sell health insurance, you could tell members about the benefits and pitfalls of the Affordable Care Act, while offering advice for employers. Don’t tell them how XYZ Insurance has the perfect insurance plan for their family.

Not a Press Release

This is not the venue to announce a grand opening, seasonal sale, or new product introduction etc.Blog posts are not essays or term papers. Written in a conversational style, like talking with a friend, your post should be easy to read. Seek to enlighten and entertain. Read your post aloud. If you can’t read a sentence without gasping for breath, it is too long. Just as important, listen to yourself. Do the sentences sound like something you would say when talking to another member?

Be Concise, Be Informative, Invite Participation

Initially, many blog readers will scan a post looking for specific information. Using subheads and brief informative paragraphs will makes easy to follow and hold the reader’s interest. Conclude your post with a “call-to-action” for comments. The more discussion your post generates, the better.

Topic Examples

We are looking for any topics which our readers will find relevant and helpful.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Business strategy
  • Leadership
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Non-Profit
  • Accounting/financial management
  • Small business advice
  • Current trends

Your Byline & Bio

In a couple of sentences, tell us your name, title, company, your experience and expertise, and URLs for linking to your website and Facebook page.

Style Guide

Article length: Anything between 600 to 2000 words is acceptable.  Please pitch us your idea if you have an idea for a longer article.

Post Title/Headlines: No more than 70 characters in length

Subheads: Use of subheads and bulleted lists are encouraged for readability

Links: We are flexible on the number of links in a post, but remain reasonable.

Images & Graphics: .jpg or.png format and not larger than 700 pixels wide

Sourcing: Attribute images at the end of the post & include links for attribution when needed.

Author Bio: Approx. 100 words

Bio headshot: You may provide a 100-by-100 pixel headshot to include with the bio.

Promotion & Reader Interaction

Greater Toms River Chamber Of Commerce will promote blog posts via Facebook and Twitter. Guest bloggers are encouraged to distribute their post through their own social media channels and should check their published posts intermittently to respond to any comments.

SEO Benefits

There are many benefits to submitting a guest blog post. For starters, it is a great opportunity for link building. You not only get to share your insights and expertise but you can also share a link to your website or landing page, making it easy for visitors to find you. Guest blogging allows you to capture the attention of a wider audience and therefore, build relationships with people you would never have been exposed to. In order to build those relationships, it is important to consistently submit guest blog posts. Just one is not enough. Guest posting on a regular basis will enhance your credibility in your area of expertise. Because of this, the visitors you get from your guest blogs will be genuinely interested in what it is that you’re doing.


Please send all posts (as a Microsoft Word Document, *.txt file, or as standard e-mail) and any pictures/graphics per aforementioned guidelines to  Greater Toms River Chamber Of Commerce reserves the right to refuse to publish submissions or edit posts for journalistic style.

Contact Adam Binder at 877-361-8016 or to learn more about this exciting new program.