If you’ve always wanted to give something back, but weren’t sure where to begin, Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey (CVCJ) is a fun and flexible way to help seniors and veterans stay independent and connected. One of our volunteers Cecile says she loves volunteering for CVCJ, “They enrich my life with the people I meet and their stories” Cecile transports seniors to and from the doctors, and remarked that the people she’s taken have been extremely grateful, because they aren’t able to drive themselves.

Another volunteer, Maribeth visits Albena, who has Alzheimer’s, so that Joanne (her caregiver) is able to take a rest. She has said she feels like “part of the family,” and Joanne said “Maribeth gives me the precious gift of time to regroup so that I am better able to care for mom and keep her comfortable in her home.” It’s easy to recognize a volunteer. If you ask them what they do, you will see a sparkle in their eye and a smile on their face. The inner joy that is experienced by giving to others shines outward.

If you have 5 minutes a week or 5 hours a month YOU can be a CVCJ volunteer! There is never a minimum time requirement for volunteering. Donate your time and talent to whatever level you feel comfortable. We strive to match our volunteers to provide services close to where you live.

Don’t wait another moment. Experience the joy of giving. Live longer. Become a CVCJ Volunteer.

Caregiver Volunteers of Central (CVCJ) is an interfaith, nonprofit agency. These dedicated individuals come from all walks of life to partner with us to make life better for the vulnerable in our community. Call us at (732) 505-2273, or email us at info@caregivervolunteers.org.

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caregivervolunteers

or on the web at www.caregivervolunteers.org.